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Oh! Canawa

48EC6A84-8E17-47E1-859E-CB540B24BF27A month or so ago, my wife brought home a new grain purchased at Whole Foods in Vancouver. I’d never heard of it and she had tasted a cold salad with an olive oil-lemon juice-parsley-garlic theme and raved about these little seeds.

I love sprouted quinoa (not a fan much of the seedier varieties unless I want hot and sweet breakfast cereal). I also find sprouted quinoa one of the quickest, easiest and most versatile lighter grains to work with. I’ve been on a kick of reducing my heavier/higher glycemic grain index consumption and decided to play with canawa yesterday.

We had precious little by way of fresh herbs (as in none!). So, this is just a rough draft and exercise for me of how this grain behaves. I couldn’t find cooking ratios online and had to just go with my quinoa knowledge of 1 parts grain to 2 parts water.

I would have let it rest far longer the the 8-12 minutes one does for sprouted quinoa. It was a bit dry and mealy for me immediately following preparation. I preferred the canawa texture after a night in the refrigerator, soaking in olive oil, lemon juice and the carrots/chickpeas/caraway seeds/onion/garlic/dried dill/thyme/turmeric/pepper/salt you see above.

I am excited to try this with green olives, fresh cilantro and parsley, tomatoes and other tabouleh-like recipes.

I prefer sprouted quinoa at this point, but I am always up for an adventure with an ancient grain!


-Fraser Valley Vegan 2011


I’m a 20 + years experienced plant-based eater (with some uunfortunate breaks that were hard lessons to learn) who lost over 150 pounds (actually 170 but maintaining a healthier weight loss of 150 pounds down from my highest weight via a mostly high carb low fat plant based vegan diet, regular movement of my body to mitigate the damage, and a commitment to always love myself enough to try and put kind foods into my mouth. I love trying to create recipes that are interesting, yet healthy and kind. I also love taking photographs and sharing food photos... a lot! I’m happy to chat if you’re struggling. I’ve been there. I nearly died from eating disorders and then obesity related illnesses brought on by my unhealthy lifestyle. I love life, and have a beautiful family here in Canada. Come on in, and also be sure to check out my Instagram under FraserValleyVegan for many times daily happenings in the kitchen. Coming soon will be my book about my eating disorder origins, and the beginnings of my relationship with myself and food in a loving and respectful way. Stay tuned here and all of my SocMeds for details on the launch of “Double Vision: A Promise To Recover”. Peace and thanks to all who read and visit here. Be well and be kind, and know that you are worth the love you have inside. Mangia!

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