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Oh! Canawa

48EC6A84-8E17-47E1-859E-CB540B24BF27A month or so ago, my wife brought home a new grain purchased at Whole Foods in Vancouver. I’d never heard of it and she had tasted a cold salad with an olive oil-lemon juice-parsley-garlic theme and raved about these little seeds.

I love sprouted quinoa (not a fan much of the seedier varieties unless I want hot and sweet breakfast cereal). I also find sprouted quinoa one of the quickest, easiest and most versatile lighter grains to work with. I’ve been on a kick of reducing my heavier/higher glycemic grain index consumption and decided to play with canawa yesterday.

We had precious little by way of fresh herbs (as in none!). So, this is just a rough draft and exercise for me of how this grain behaves. I couldn’t find cooking ratios online and had to just go with my quinoa knowledge of 1 parts grain to 2 parts water.

I would have let it rest far longer the the 8-12 minutes one does for sprouted quinoa. It was a bit dry and mealy for me immediately following preparation. I preferred the canawa texture after a night in the refrigerator, soaking in olive oil, lemon juice and the carrots/chickpeas/caraway seeds/onion/garlic/dried dill/thyme/turmeric/pepper/salt you see above.

I am excited to try this with green olives, fresh cilantro and parsley, tomatoes and other tabouleh-like recipes.

I prefer sprouted quinoa at this point, but I am always up for an adventure with an ancient grain!


-Fraser Valley Vegan 2011

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Easy Freshly Squeezed Pomelo Juice

Easy Freshly Squeezed Pomelo Juice


I recently began consuming a new fruit in my diet — the honey pomelo. I eat several per week at times but am temporarily unable to chew due to an oral surgery that’s taking a while to heal. I had one soldier beginning to rot, and wanted to salvage as much as I could of my treasure. I cut away the rotten portion and tried my novice hand at this recipe .

I hope you enjoy!

You’ll need:

1 large pomelo, with flesh removed (seeds remaining is ok)
1 cup of cold water or more to taste
Up to 1 cup of simple syrup (I homemade a stevia version)

Serves: 4

-place the fruit into a blender with decent speeds
-pulse until well broken down
-blend using liquify or juice if your appliance has it until you see a clearer substance (DO NOT SMOOTHIE as you’ll end up cold pressing the whole thing through strainers by hand)
-pack the pulp as tightly as you can with the carafe REMOVED from the base of the blender for safety
-carefully strain through a fine mesh strainer as you scrape down the flesh for maximum juice
-pour into mason jars/s and add the water and syrup in quarter batches as you taste for desired sweetness
-serve cold over ice or chilled

That’s it! You did it!

Time for some vegan cookies!